Wanted: Assertive Men

Wanted: Assertive Men

by Britt Michaels

February 18, 2008

(orig. publishing date)

Women keep looking for good men to have as boyfriends. They claim that they can’t find any. Wonder why? Look in the mirror. Unless you’re a vampire, you’ll see the answer.

 Western society has catered to women for ages. It has put them on pedestals, and in doing so, has turned them into spoiled brats. Women complain that men are all jerks. All men aren’t. A lot of women are.

 Look at movies, TV commercials, and other sexual competitive roles in life. If a woman asserts herself against a man you’ll get a pumped raised fist great! Have a man stand his ground to a woman, and he’s a sexist.

Take Valentine’s Day. Men are admonished in ads not to forget or chintz on gifts for the woman in their lives. They’ll pay havoc if they do. How many ads did you see or hear warning women about the trouble they’ll be in if they neglect the man in their lives? Right, zero.

Women, you wonder why you’re not treated ‘with respect’? You have to express respect in kind. You must give to receive.

Women have grown to be selfish by society or maybe it’s in their genes.

Another element in this excessive display of pompous behavior has to be attributed to the SOWs (Sorority Of Whingers). On the surface, their cause is of equality. Nuts to that! They have used tactics to effeminate men. Since the early 60’s, their goal has been to make men woozy beings. They have done this making men embarrassed to stand up for their beliefs. The SOWs have decreed any man asserting himself as a sexist. This has caused most men to buckle under that threat. (Note: black racist have used the same tactics, with equal success).

Some men have overreacted to these tactics, by becoming jerks.

Women play games. Say they’re not interested in money, car, type of jobs…. That’s the first things they ask you about.

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