The Mexican Invasion

The Mexican Invasion

by Britt Michaels

November 12, 2007

(orig. publishing date)

On May 5, 1961, the first American astronaut (Alan Shepard) entered space. Three weeks later, on May 25th, President Kennedy, in a public speech to a joint session of Congress, announced a goal for America. To land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. What a bold plan!

Many many problems had to be overcome: rocketry technology, handling weightlessness, lunar crafts, communications, heat transfer and a zillion other things; all with little experience of former projects to use as a guide. We also had a very unsophisticated computer system compared to what we have now. The fire on January 27, 1967 on Apollo I, killing all three astronauts, was a real setback. Not until October 11, 1968, did we send up astronauts back into space. Did we have the will and fortitude to persevere in overcoming all these obstacles?

You bet! In a little more than eight years, on July 20th 1969, we watched on our TV sets, the Lunar landings by Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin. (Michael Collins stayed on board Columbia, fending off attacking Martians.)

We now have another alien to fend off. A real and far more insidious one. The Mexican Invasion. The Liberals and the Bush administration have cutesy names for them: temporary workers, undocumented ‘citizens’, guest worker program and any other euphemisms du jour. Let’s call them what they really are: illegal aliens, unlawful trespassers, border hijackers, or just plain law-breakers.

Illegal immigration. Define the problems: Irresponsible actions by congress over the years has led to the influx of too many Mexican law-breaking immigrants. Too porous border securities of our borders, both north and south. Newborns born on our side of the border become automatic citizens. The adults get rewarded by gifts for breaking our immigration laws: free medical care, “illegal driver’s licenses”, free education including higher education. If the stakes keep rising to get their vote, eventually we’ll give them free housing, (if we haven’t already), eventually getting coupons for free burritos and on and on into infinity.

Why are business and politicians catering to these law-breakers? Cheap labor and expensive votes. Whose paying for all this? American citizens. That’s why they’re expensive votes.

Both major parties have their primary reasons for not attacking the problem. The Republicans want the cheap labor for many of their constituents. Democrats want the votes by loading up on give-a-way programs; even to use unlawful tactics of letting these non-citizens vote.

Watch out! Keep alert of the tactics they’ll try in this year’s general election (November presidential).

We really don’t need this cheap (illegal) imported labor. We have enough here in America, if we just use it. Free-loading welfare recipients. Let’s enact laws that force them to work for their crust. Politicians will cry ‘racism’, lack of compassion and inconsiderate. Let ’em. They don’t shout those terms over law-breaking Mexicans cheap labor. One other benefit of using our own citizens. They speak English!

When Mexican law-breakers cost us more than what we earn from them, they become a millstone around Uncle Sam’s neck. The renegade Mexicans take more than they give. Mexican leaders demand compassion from us. Let them clean up their actions on their southern border before admonishing us.

What can we do to solve this massive problem? There’s a lot less barriers to this situation than there was to the space program of the ’60s. We, as citizens, must demand a quick solution to this situation.

Declaring amnesty isn’t one of them.

What can Congress do? First, discourage those here from staying. All monetary gifts are to be rescinded immediately. This includes welfare, free medical treatment (except emergency treatment in ER from shotgun and knife wounds, usually suffered while committing a felony), all forms of free education, and other ‘income’ we don’t know exists to them. No driver’s licenses to these border outlaws. Without these privileges that many American citizens don’t get, they’ll get the hint that they’re not welcome here. Immediately, like today, pass a law that prevents a birth to an illegal, from becoming a citizen automatically. Word will get back to friends and relatives back in Mexico, that we’re not an easy touch anymore. Notice that all the border-bandits are from the lowest class of their society?

As far as building “The Fence”, let’s find some ‘can-do’ guys out there in the business world who relish real challenges, and solve massive problems. Henry J. Kaiser, developing new techniques for mass production, built the ‘Liberty’ cargo ships in WWII. Though the normal time to construct was 30 days, some were done in about 10 days. One was finished and ‘out the door’ in less than five days.

The massive fires of the Kuwaiti oil fields during the Gulf War in 1991, were estimated to take up to two years to extinguish. All were extinguished within eight months after Hussein’s retreating army set them off. The primary fireman was Paul “Red” Adair of Houston, and his crew.

Don’t say it can’t be done it can. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

© 2008 by James M. Britvich All Rights Reserved


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